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  • On/ July, 15, Dr. A.Salehi museum in Qazvin-city the nation's museum, in a ceremony participated by Dr. Mounesan, President's deputy and head of the Cultural Heritage Handicrafts and Tourism organization, Qazvin Governor, and Mr. Ghaemi, Director General of the AEOI Public Diplomacy and Information dept. Was officially registered as one of the country's cultural heritage items.
  •  Dr. Mounesan, upon visiting the different sections of the museum praised Dr. Salehi as one of the nation's top science dignitaries and source of outstanding public services.
  • He further emphasized that Dr. Salehi during his long tenure of senior management positions, donated the precious gifts and awards received to the Cultural Heritage Organization of which this memorial museum is established today as part of the historical Sa'd al-Saltane complex in Qazvin. It is worth mentioning that the museum contains more than 400 various gift items including, delicate handicrafts, religious, national, historical, political and sport symbols from different countries located in five continents.

نسخه قابل چاپ